The World’s First Trans Figure Skating Routine Did Not Go According To Plan

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Minna-Maaria Antikainen, the world’s first transgender figure skater, had a mishap during her debut at the European Figure Skating Championships in Finland. Formerly known as Markku-Pekka Antikainen, she transitioned to a woman and started figure skating at 49.

During the opening ceremony, she stumbled and fell seconds into her performance but was helped up by a female hostess carrying the Finnish flag. Despite this, Antikainen had trained for eight years, practicing five hours a week and participating in other skating events.

The European Figure Skating Championships focused on promoting diversity and inclusion with the theme “Just be you.” However, same-sex pairs are still banned in the sport, and there’s no category for non-binary skaters. The hope is that more countries will work toward equality and diversity in figure skating.

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