Tattooed “Black Alien” Can’t Find Job Due To His Looks, Here’s What He Looked Like Before

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Anthony Loffredo, renowned as the world’s “most modified man,” remains steadfast in his extraordinary quest to metamorphose into a “black alien.” His latest dramatic alteration involves surgically removing two of his fingers, rendering his hand into a claw-like form.

A 33-year-old hailing from France, Loffredo has been relentless in his mission to redefine his appearance. His track record includes bifurcating his tongue, excising his nose, and adorning his body with tattoos and piercings. These radical modifications have drawn worldwide attention. However, despite these astonishing changes, including the removal of his upper lip earlier this year, Anthony asserts that he has only achieved a mere 34 percent of his envisioned transformation.

For over a decade, Loffredo has engaged in these radical body modifications, often putting his health at considerable risk. These risky alterations have included procedures like eyeball tattooing, which temporarily jeopardized his vision.

Loffredo’s willingness to push boundaries led him to surgically remove both of his ears in his relentless pursuit of an extraterrestrial aesthetic, alongside other transformations like tongue-splitting. Due to the illegality of many of these procedures in his native France, he has traversed the globe in search of medical practitioners who will perform them. Last year, he traveled to Spain to undergo the surgical removal of his nose.

His facial features have been further enhanced with dermal implants, resulting in a textured appearance with defined lines carved across his cheekbones.

On his Instagram account, the Black Alien Project, which boasts a following of 718,000, Anthony shares his remarkable evolution with his audience. He repeatedly astonishes them with his unwavering commitment to altering his physical identity. In a post-surgery image, Anthony showcased his latest endeavor, the creation of an “alien claw,” displaying a bloodied, stitched scar on his hand, accompanied by the caption “I develop my inner peace.”

Despite the risks and controversy, Anthony Loffredo remains resolute in his ongoing quest to transform himself into a “black alien,” pushing the boundaries of human modification in pursuit of his unique vision.

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