‘Cobra Snakes’ Spotted Lurking In Tree, But If You Look Closer You’ll Realize The Scary Truth

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The Atlas moth is an extraordinary insect known for its cunning survival skills. Its wings look like a venomous snake’s head, and when threatened, it drops to the ground, fanning its wings to mimic a snake’s appearance. This mimicry has earned it the nickname “snake’s head moth” in China. This large moth is found in Southeast Asian forests and has the widest wingspan of any moth, with females boasting a 12-inch spread.


Wildlife photographer Brian Bevan captured a stunning image of the Atlas moth, highlighting its snake-like wingtips. The name “Atlas moth” may originate from the wing patterns resembling maps or the Titan Atlas from Greek mythology, who carried the sky on his shoulders.


Female Atlas moths are larger than males and use pheromones to attract mates. The eggs they lay turn into bluish-green caterpillars that feast on Jamaican cherry trees and citrus fruits before cocooning. Male Atlas moths lack a mouth and rely on stored fat for survival, mating, and quickly passing away.

This remarkable mimicry in nature reflects the Atlas moth’s intelligence and beauty, reminiscent of real cobras with their threatening hoods when agitated. Nature’s mimicry continues to amaze and inspire.

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