She was happy to be a mother, but when she saw his face, she ran away and left him in the maternity crib

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The condition has an impact on the growth of the facial tissues and bones, including the cheekbones, jawbone, ears, eyes, and ears. Treacher Collins, whose facial features often include slanted eyes, little eyelashes, and malformed ears, affects about 1 in 50,000 persons at birth.

In October 1985, Jono Lancaster was conceived. His parents were informed by doctors who diagnosed him with TCS that he would probably never be able to walk or talk. When he was less than two days old, they offered him for adoption.

But foster mother Jean arrived two weeks later. She simply “fell in love with him” after seeing “a small infant who required caring for.”

She formally adopted him five years after that.

He has also never lost sight of her affection.

Although she may not be the tallest woman I’ve ever met, this woman has the largest heart. This woman has been a foster parent for 30 years; she loves so many people and has given so much of herself.

Every time a child was transferred to a new foster home, this woman sobbed because she felt as though she had failed the child. Despite being a single mother in her 40s, this woman accepted my employment despite not knowing what the future contained.

I was adopted by this woman, who also gave me a wonderful family in Claire and Stephen. This woman was an angel sent to me at just the right time.

My mother, my hero, this angel’s name is Jean.

Despite their unwavering support, Jono didn’t start accepting his appearance and no longer avoided mirrors until he was in his early 20s.

“I’ve had to have an optimistic attitude my entire life. Everybody just looks at me and assumes the worst of me, so I’ve got to constantly disprove their assumptions.


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