Tragic news regarding Frank Fritz of the American Pickers

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Frank Fritz, a familiar face on TV, experienced a tumultuous journey. Diann Bankson, his long-time partner, claimed to have found him with another woman, leading to a bitter breakup. In his words, “She is the cheater,” which prompted him to get a tattoo saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Devastated, Frank turned to alcohol, resulting in weight loss. Workwise, he departed from “American Pickers” in March 2020, citing health issues after back surgery.

His intention to return to the show post-recovery seemed uncertain, though a showrunner contacted him. Despite his ten-year tenure, there are “no plans” for his return as a host.

Bankson introduced her new man, Eric Longlett, in a social media post, expressing her happiness.

Frank suffered a stroke in July 2022, with a friend discovering him on the floor. His father reported his improving condition and the need for a guardian to manage his affairs during recovery. The court mandated a guardian to protect his future health. Our thoughts are with Frank Fritz for his recovery.

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