«Unlocking the Secrets of a Vibrant 109-Year-Old: Wisdom, Longevity, and the Art of Aging Gracefully»

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Gunda Harangen, Norway’s oldest resident, passed away peacefully at 109. Known for her daily glass of brandy, she attributed her longevity to living alone, avoiding the complications of a relationship. According to a relative, she died in her sleep on November 25, just shy of her 110th birthday on December 28, 1898.

Gunda’s unconventional advice for women seeking a long life—avoid connections with men—may be debatable. British scientists found in 2008 that, for men, polygamy might be the key to a longer life. Their study revealed a 12% longer lifespan for men over 60 in 140 polygamous countries compared to 49 monogamous ones.

Beyond relationships, factors influencing longevity include children and education. Children bring variety and stress, encouraging healthier, more cautious lifestyles. Postsecondary education significantly contributes to longer lives, reducing the likelihood of premature death by half compared to those with only primary education.

Notably, stormy family scenes, where concerns are expressed, also contribute to extended life. Scientists believe that couples who openly communicate and resolve issues are twice as likely to live longer than those who avoid expressing their sentiments.

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