An unemployed dad begged on Facebook for a job after being turned down by potential employers because of his disturbing face tattoo

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In a compelling story from New Zealand, Mark Cropp faced a crucial turning point after serving time for a failed drug deal. Mark, seeking a fresh start, made a life-altering decision with his brother in jail. Fueled by homemade whiskey, they used melted plastic knives, forks, and toothpaste to tattoo “Devast8” across Mark’s lower face and jaw, symbolizing grief.

Post-prison, Mark’s massive face tattoo posed a challenge in securing employment, hindering his desire to support his family. Mark’s tattoo held personal meaning, with a regrettable permanence. Despite his efforts, traditional removal methods were financially out of reach. Turning to social media, Mark’s plea for a job and a new beginning gained traction.

Auckland’s Sacred Tattoo, moved by Mark’s story, demonstrated extraordinary compassion. The renowned tattoo studio offered free laser removal treatments, showcasing the transformative impact of social media and the power of kindness in providing second chances.

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