Man Beats His Ex-Wife In Public, Moments Later Good Samaritan Gives Him Instant Dose Of Karma

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In a shocking incident captured on CCTV, a man relentlessly attacked a defenseless woman outside Istanbul Court of Justice. Witnesses describe the assailant, identified as Mehmet T., hitting the woman even after she fell, screaming for help. A courageous intervention unfolded as the woman’s ex-husband rushed in, delivering a powerful headbutt that brought the attacker to the ground. Passersby quickly joined to restrain the aggressor.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Eyewitness accounts reveal the horror of the scene. One witness emphasized, “The man was beating his wife… Then a passer-by knocked him down.” Another witness expressed the terror, stating, “The woman was yelling… This kind of violence is unacceptable.” The incident occurred post a divorce hearing between the involved parties.

Law enforcement promptly arrested Mehmet T., highlighting the significance of bystander intervention in curbing domestic violence.

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