Kmart’s “Blue Light Special” – Boy, do I remember those days

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Kresge’s Origins and Expansion (45 words): Founded in 1899 by Sebastian S. Kresge, Kmart started as S.S. Kresge Company. After a split from partner John McCrory, Kresge became the sole owner, expanding across eight cities. The 1960s marked steady growth, but it transformed in 1962 with the first Kmart, led by Harry Cunningham, entering the discount market in Michigan.

Blue Light Special and Growth (40 words): Kmart introduced the iconic “Blue light special” in 1965, a sales promotion using a flashing blue light. By 1976, the company made history, opening 271 stores in a single year, covering 17 million square feet of sales space. Celebrity endorsements, including Jaclyn Smith and Martha Stewart, fueled Kmart’s success.

Name Change Reflects Success (35 words): By 1977, almost 95 percent of S.S. Kresge’s sales were Kmart’s, prompting a name change to Kmart Corporation. The distinctive “Attention Kmart Shoppers” announcement became synonymous with great deals, symbolizing Kmart’s significant presence in the retail landscape.

Competition and Inspiration (25 words): As Kmart thrived, competitors like Walmart emerged. The first Walmart store opened in 1962, with founders Sam Walton and Harry Cunningham drawing inspiration from successful models like Anne and Hope’s store.

Legacy and Influential Era (20 words): Kmart’s influential era, with iconic announcements and celebrity endorsements, solidified its position in retail history, marking a transformative journey from 1899 to the late 1970s.

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