This Strange Script Was Invented To Take Notes Easier, But To Many It’s Unrecognizable

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In the digital era, note-taking is effortless, thanks to technology. However, before these innovations, shorthand, a quick writing method, played a crucial role. Originally developed by Greek historian Xenophon and popularized in the Roman Empire, Latin shorthand lasted over a millennium, fading during the Middle Ages.

Reviving during the Victorian Era and the Reformation, shorthand’s demand surged in the Industrial Revolution, leading to Sir Isaac Pitman’s 1837 modern shorthand. Introduced to the U.S. by Pitman’s brother, it eventually gave way to John Robert Gregg’s style, known as Gregg Shorthand.

Shorthand, distinct with simplified symbols, aimed to hasten note-taking. Although it bears little resemblance to English, some liken it to Arabic due to its dots and loops. Despite technology, shorthand persists in legal, medical, and secretarial fields, allowing users to record efficiently. Even with advancements, shorthand’s historical significance endures as a unique script.

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