14-Year-Old Tragically Dies While In The Bathtub

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A devastating incident underscores the peril of blending water, electricity, and electronics. Madison Coe, a 14-year-old girl, lost her life in a shocking accident while charging her phone in the bath. Her family, grieving her loss, discloses her final text and photo to raise awareness and prevent similar tragedies, especially among teenagers.

Madison’s fatal night saw her bring her phone into the bathroom for charging as she relaxed in the tub. A photo she sent to a friend captured the setup – a phone plugged into an extension cord near the bath. Sadly, it was her last communication. Investigation revealed electrocution on July 9, 20XX, in Lovington, New Mexico. The charger was connected to an extension cord, linked to a non-grounded bathroom outlet. Contrary to early reports, the phone never touched the water.

Evidence indicates Madison likely touched a frayed part of the extension cord, causing the tragedy. Her family aims to caution others, especially teens, about the grave risks of combining water, electricity, and electronics. Madison’s stepmother urges against bringing phones into bathrooms, emphasizing the tragedy’s lesson that electricity and water never mix.

In response, friends and family use social media to highlight the dangers of electronic devices in baths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends GFCI-protected outlets to prevent shocks and advocates regular testing. Madison Coe’s untimely death serves as a poignant reminder to prioritize safety, even in seemingly harmless situations.

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