83-year-old cardiologist: Don’t kill your heart with chemotherapy, if blood pressure is over 140-80, drink 2 tablespoons of

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Renowned physician Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu advocates a simple, at-home vascular cleanse to combat the silent killers: cholesterol, thrombotic mass, and calcium crystals. He emphasizes that vessels dictate overall health, linking vessel clogging to chronic diseases. Describing cholesterol as akin to leftover grease, Dr. Tatu asserts it accelerates aging, shortening lifespans. Thrombotic masses, resembling cheese, heighten stroke and heart attack risks, especially in older age. Calcium crystals, accumulating over a lifetime, contribute to cancer.

Dr. Tatu discloses symptoms of “dirty vessels,” stressing morning edema, joint pain, and memory issues. He contends that cleansing vessels, a method often overlooked by commercial medicine, effectively stabilizes blood pressure. According to him, 90% of patients experience immediate pressure normalization after cleansing, reducing reliance on medication. Dr. Tatu urges a shift from costly treatments to this affordable, quick remedy for enhanced well-being.

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