Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith still looks stunning at 77.

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Jaclyn Smith, 77, fought aging by appearing youthful in images she shared on Instagram.

The American actress, who is well known for her role as Kelly Garrett in the television series Charlie’s Angels, accented her ensemble with a sweater and cardigan from her JS for Nordstrom Rack collection.

After 36 years of working for Kmart, the award-winning actress and businesswoman worked with Nordstrom Rack to create a fall line.

In her most recent Instagram post, the Rage of Angels star wore a cream-colored ribbed knit cardigan with gently puffed sleeves.

She accessorized the look with a pair of white pants and gold jewelry.

Pendants, chokers, and gold chains graced the beauty’s neck. She also wore a few eye-catching bangles, bracelets, and rings.

Her naturally black hair was highlighted with honey and gold highlights. The actress wore her layered hair in casual yet lovely waves.

Her naturally black hair was highlighted with honey and gold highlights. The actress wore her layered hair in casual yet lovely waves.

In the description, she says, “You can style this flexible, lightweight V-neck cardigan as a layering piece or wear it on its own.”

In another image, the 1970s fashionista wore balloon sleeves with a camel-colored knit sweater.

She wore a pair of charcoal black, slightly faded jeans.

Smith accessorized with a stunning pair of emerald-stone and gold-hoop earrings. Her fingers were clutching her wedding bands and a diamond signet ring.

She stated that the poet sleeve sweater described in the description was made of a beautiful chevron design on a really silky pointelle yarn. “I love this sweater; it’s very feminine.”

The actress has already revealed her secrets to looking young. One of her secret components, she claims, is a green smoothie.

Brad Allen, a heart surgeon, is the fourth spouse of the Houstonian. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the couple’s marriage in 1997.

Smith and her third husband, director of photography Anthony B. Richmond, have two children.

Gaston, her 40-year-old son, is a well-known cinematographer like his father. He appeared in films such as Chasing Mavericks, The Kids Are All Right, and Annabelle.

Spencer Margaret, her 36-year-old daughter and fashion designer, is married to Fran Kranz.

Smith, in addition to her acting abilities, is a grandmother to two grandchildren. Spencer’s daughter, Bea, was born in 2016 and is now six years old. Gaston’s father is Olivia Rose, who is three years old.

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