What’s the best way to keep cigarette smell out of my house and furniture

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Cigarette smoke odor can persist, but there are practical ways to refresh your home. Opening windows for natural ventilation is crucial. “Allow fresh air to flow,” says the article. Cleaning furniture is key; a mix of warm water and mild soap removes absorbed smoke. Baking soda is a powerhouse: sprinkle on fabrics, let sit, and vacuum. Vinegar, a natural odor neutralizer, mixed with water in a spray bottle, works wonders on furniture. Activated charcoal absorbs odors; replace bowls every few weeks.

Coffee grounds offer a pleasant cover-up; place them near affected furniture. Fabric fresheners like Febreze provide a temporary fix. Steam cleaning fabric items with a steam cleaner revitalizes and removes smoke particles. Wash removable covers to eliminate embedded odors. If all else fails, professionals can use specialized techniques. The article concludes, “The most effective approach? Quit smoking. It not only liberates you from tobacco’s harmful effects but also eliminates the need to deal with smoke odor.” Remember, support is available for those on the path to quitting.

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