Why you should not kill a house centipede if you find one inside your house

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1. Initial Reaction and Centipede Insights: When faced with insects at home, our initial reaction is often to eliminate them. Centipedes, though ominous, play a vital role. According to an expert, “Those little creatures have served as your home’s invisible pest control, keeping cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, bedbugs, and ants out of your home.”

2. Centipedes as Protectors: These house-friendly centipedes, with around 20 legs, act as a natural pest control squad. Their voracious appetite leads them to devour various pests around your house, making them allies rather than foes.

3. Apprehension vs. Reality: Despite their unsettling appearance, centipedes are harmless to humans. They do not transmit germs and are not a threat. Instead of squashing them, consider releasing them outside as a gesture of gratitude.

4. Insects to Fear: While centipedes pose no harm, several insects indoors can be deadly. From bullet ants causing intense pain to giant Japanese hornets with lethal stings, encountering them should be avoided.

5. Deadly Insects Checklist: Beware of bullet ants, botfly larvae, fleas, fire ants, kissing bugs transmitting trypanosome cruzi, giant Japanese hornets, tsetse flies causing sleeping sickness, killer bees, aggressive driver ants, and the infamous mosquitoes responsible for millions of deaths annually.

In conclusion, understanding the beneficial role of centipedes and recognizing the truly dangerous insects can help us coexist with the smaller creatures while taking necessary precautions against the potentially lethal ones.

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