Man says goodbye to his wife as they unplug her from life support

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Ryan Finley faced an agonizing decision when his wife Jill slipped into a coma. After futile attempts to revive her, doctors at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital delivered a devastating verdict: Jill had little chance of recovery. Faced with the heart-wrenching choice of ending life support, Ryan, torn and prayerful, ultimately made the call, guided by what he believed Jill would want.

In his diary, Ryan expressed the anguish of that moment: “Today might be my worst day ever. I have to determine whether she will pass away or not.” With heavy hearts, the family bid their farewells, but Jill defied expectations. As life support ceased, she began to speak during her “last rally.” Astonished, Ryan granted her wish for a meal at her favorite Mexican eateries.

Jill’s subsequent journey included heart surgery and recovery, a testament to resilience. Though she had no memory of her coma, she faced challenges with short-term memory and speech. Yet, the couple emerged stronger, cherishing each moment as a precious gift. Jill reflected, “We cherish every day, every minute, and every hour.”

Ryan’s story resonates as a beacon of faith, optimism, and the unexpected resilience of love. It urges us to value time with loved ones, reminding that hope can prevail even in the darkest times.


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