Grieving Child Discovers Heart-Wrenchingly Beautiful Note 6 Months After Losing Their Mom To Cancer.

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In 2020, an elderly woman, who had battled cancer, left a touching handwritten note for her family, providing solace even after her passing. Discovered tucked inside a book, her words resonate: “Take comfort from the beautiful memories. But don’t grieve. That would make me sad. Get on with living!” Expressing concern for her children and husband, she urges them to care for each other.

The note, accompanied by mysterious illustrations resembling crosses, puzzled the family until a Reddit user offered insight. They suggested the measurements might symbolize a headstone or garden sign. To the family’s surprise, the drawings indicated a memorial marker for spreading the late mother’s ashes on their land. Grateful, the original poster acknowledged, “It’s a memorial marker for where she wanted her ashes spread. Thank you for pointing that out!” The note not only brings comfort but also unravels a meaningful connection with the departed.

A note from a Reddit user's late mom, who passed away from cancer.

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