Never keep these items in the house! They attract poverty and bad luck

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  1. Negative Influences: Be cautious of paintings portraying negativity, as they may impact mental health and hinder spiritual growth. “Such images can cause memory disorders and anxiety,” warns experts.
  2. Earth-Colored Objects: Objects in earthy tones, worn-out furniture, and unwanted gifts may contribute to negative vibes. Even footwear plays a role; tight or worn-out shoes should be discarded to maintain positive energy.
  3. Beneficial Elements: Embrace objects that enhance positive energy. Crystals, known for energy regulation, and ficus plants, recognized for balancing and removing stress, are recommended. Consider paintings featuring old people for longevity, a phoenix for rebirth, and a waterfall for career success.
  4. Symbolic Art: Incorporate paintings with positive symbolism. A rainbow signifies a beautiful life, while a round glass bowl with money attracts financial prosperity.
  5. Knife Awareness: Avoid leaving knives on tables overnight, as it may impact the household’s energy. To create a serene atmosphere, proactively manage the items within your living space.

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