Sight test! 8 out of 10 were wrong. What’s actually in the picture:

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Many social media users are grappling with a puzzling image, initially believed to depict Lego pieces, shared on a Facebook group. Captured from a helicopter over Hangzhou, China, the photo went viral, misleading many. The photographer clarified the confusion, revealing the image actually shows decommissioned buses neatly stored in an enclosure. Despite its internet fame, only a few immediately recognized the true subject.

This image emerges during a period when global restrictions urge people to stay home, offering a unique distraction. The photographer, known for capturing striking scenes in Zhejiang Province, previously showcased a private garden and the poetic symmetry of trees in Hangzhou National Park. In times of widespread travel limitations, such visual puzzles on social media offer a momentary escape, prompting us to reconsider our first impressions.

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