Entitled Landlord Raised Our Rent by $650 – We Had Enough and Taught Him a Costly Lesson

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When our landlord hiked our rent by $650, it was the last straw. Living in a rundown apartment with a broken fridge and constant harassment pushed us to the edge. Determined to get revenge, we concocted a clever plan to make him regret his greed.

Amber and I had endured a year of Mr. Williams’ unannounced visits and dismissive attitude. The final blow was his outrageous rent increase. We were saving for our dream house and couldn’t afford to move, so we had no choice but to comply.

As we packed to leave, we devised a plan to get back at him. We bought tuna, rotten eggs, sour milk, and dead mice. On our final visit, we hid tuna behind the AC vents, poured rotten eggs into curtain rails, spilled milk on the bathroom mat, and placed dead mice on the ceiling fans.

Two months later, curiosity led us to call the rental agent, who revealed the apartment was vacant due to an unbearable smell. Mr. Williams called, seething, demanding we fix it. Amber replied, “Return our deposit and extra rent, and we’ll fix it.”

Reluctantly, he agreed. We met, collected the check, and cleaned the apartment. As we scrubbed away the stench, we felt triumphant.

“Good riddance,” Amber said. “I hope he learned his lesson.”

Our creative revenge not only secured our money but also gave us the justice we deserved. In challenging times, a little creativity and determination can go a long way.

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