You Won’t Believe What Your Kitchen’s Pull-Out Cutting Board Was Actually Intended For!

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Cutting boards have been essential kitchen tools for centuries, originally designed for breadmaking. They provided a clean, stable surface for kneading dough and preparing it for baking.

Today, cutting boards are used for chopping, slicing, and dicing meats, vegetables, and fruits. Available in plastic, bamboo, and wood, they are indispensable in any kitchen. Wood cutting boards, especially those made from maple, are highly valued.

Maple is a durable, hard wood that withstands frequent use and knife cuts. It resists bacteria growth better than plastic or bamboo, which can develop grooves that harbor bacteria. Maple boards are also easier to maintain.

Proper cleaning is crucial for a cutting board’s longevity. Scrub with baking soda or kosher salt and lemon to remove stains and odors, rinse with hot water, and dry with a clean towel. Apply food-grade cutting board oil to prevent drying and cracking.

Despite their evolution, cutting boards remain vital for home cooks and chefs. With proper care, a quality cutting board can last for years, providing a safe surface for food preparation. If you’re interested in breadmaking, try making your own bread at home, guided by online tutorials like Becca Beach’s.

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